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Varalakshmi Vratam Package

From: 8,000.005,750.00

Buy Varalakshmi Vratam Package Online in India.? Varalakshmi Vratam Package now to your doorstep in a click from Kandrafoods, order now for the Best Varalakshmi Vratam Package from comfort of your home.

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Pooja Samagri

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Organic Pasupu 500 GMS Rava Laddu/రవ్వ లడ్డు Ariselu Badusha
Organic Kumkum 100 GMS 7-Cup Sweet Karadantu/Pappula Burfi Dry Fruit Pootha Rekulu
Incense Sticks   Besan Ladoo Mysore Pak Pesara undalu/ పెసర ఉండలు
Camphor 50 GMS Chakli Chakli Chakli
Sandal Powder 50 GMS Chekkalu Nippatlu Chekkalu Nippatlu Chekkalu Nippatlu
Betel Nuts 150 GMS   Jantikalu Jantikalu
Nalugu Pindi 250 GMS   Karappusa ( Vamu Pusa) Karappusa ( Vamu Pusa)
Jaggery 100 GMS   7-Cup Sweet 7-Cup Sweet
Wicks(lakshmi Thamara Vattulu Deepala Vattulu) 1 Num   Badusha Mysore Pak
Gajavastram 1 Num     Karadantu/Pappula Burfi
Dry Dates 100 GMS     Besan Ladoo
varipindi(muggu) 100 GMS      
Pooja vidhana Book 1 Num      
Blouse Piece 1 Num      
Cotton Thread Reel 1 Num      
Gangajalam 500 Grams      
Asthamulika Tailam 500 Grams      
Cow Ghee 100 GRAMS      
Sugar 250 GRAMS      
Coconut for Kalasham 1 +1 Num      
Pure Honey 50 Grams      
Sambrani 100 Grams      
Kasthuri Pasupu 50 Grams      
Goddess Lakshmi Face 1 Num      
Jaajikai Powder 100 Grams      
Cup Dhupam 1 Pack      
Yagnopavitham( For Kalasham) 1Num      



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