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Kandra Foods lives by the ideologies that guided our forefathers, and were passed on to us as values through our age-old customs and traditions. The abundance of knowledge which has been inherited over hundreds of years passed on across generations, today makes the foundation for how we express food and cooking.

The world has moved to an era where the nutritional value of food has lost its meaning and has been replaced by quick eating solutions that do not provide any nourishment or sustenance. The food industry has had a drastic shift from home-made nutritional food, to a wide plethora of unhealthy options such as junk food, the fast food revolution, packaged foods or frozen foods- which are choked with preservatives and are absolutely deprived of any value. This shift which has kept our current generation devoid of meaningful, healthy and delicious food, can be attributed to the ignorance and lack of awareness to the food habits passed on by our ancestors. This is the mission with which Kandra Foods has embarked upon, with the dream to bring back the richness of our cultures and customs right to our dishes.

Kandra Foods brings expertise in cooking and food nutrition, which has been polished by time and experience. Our mother is a passionate cook, and enjoys every moment and detail of it, while enriching every grain of food with the most enchanting flavors as she works her cooking magic. Our father has spent 50+ years of his life as a farmer, working closely with the grains and crops that go into our meals today. He understands the very nerve of crops, having dedicated his life to understanding the nutrition value of different crops, having cultivated them in both organic and in-organic environments. The perfect balance of our mother’s passion to cook, combined with our father’s proficiency in understanding crops brings about the magic of creating the most delicious and nutritious preparations of all time.

We at Kandra Foods, want this magic to reach every house and enrich the lives of people by providing food which is not just tasty, but healthy in all its aspects.

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