Terms and Conditions

When you order on our website you agree to our terms and conditions.


Shipping Terms

  • Your product will be shipped in 3-5 Working days by our delivery partners after dispatch of the same from our side. In odd cases, it may take up to 8 days to ship the product by our delivery partner.
  • 90% of the products we ship will be prepared after the customer order confirmation, and will usually be processed within 2 days for small orders, and for bulk orders, it may take up to 5 days also (but usually not more than 2 days).


Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • You can cancel your order within 30 minutes of placing your order, cancellation requests after 30 minutes won’t be considered.
  • 10% of the order value will be charged in refunding the cancelled order.
  • Order placed for same-day delivery/within 24 hours delivery are not eligible for any kind of cancellation/refund.
  • Orders placed over WhatsApp are eligible for cancellation only for the next 30 minutes of placing the order.
  • Orders can be canceled from Kandra Foods in case of non-availability of the product, and the complete amount will be refunded excluding the gateway commissions.
  • Kandra Foods deserves the right to cancel the orders received from the remote locations, and non-serviceable pin codes by our delivery partners.
  • Kandra Foods deserves the right to cancel the fraud transactions.
  • Kandra Foods deserves the right to cancel the order if the delivery pin codes are affected by natural calamities like floods, heavy rain, covid restrictions, etc.
  • If the customer is not available to receive/collect the product at the mentioned shipping address the order can be cancelled if they request so, but these kinds of requests are not eligible for the refund.
  • All the orders will be served as per the terms and conditions, customers demanding to serve as per their need and pressurizing to serve on a specific day/date might get canceled if they are against our policy and are not eligible for a refund.
  • If the product is handovered at the security and gets damaged or tampered we are not responsible for it, and you will not be refunded for such damages caused at your security/neighbour facility.


Return Policy

We usually don’t accept any returns for the food products as these will be prepared only after receiving the orders from customers, and if at all if we have to consider the odd cases and accept returns we deduct a certain percentage of the processing fee, and shipping fee based on the type of the product, the order size and the location/pin code it’s shipped to.


Food Product Related

  • The product images displayed on the website are just for reference, in actuality the colour, size and shapes of the product may vary depending on the time prepared, climatic conditions, transportation mode, Packaging material used, the quantities ordered etc.
  • 90% of the products displayed on the website will be produced only after receiving the orders except for the products like Fryums, and some of the long shelf-life products like pickles and hence you will get them fresh.
  • The delicate products like murukkus, Kara Sevs, Nippattu, Sweet toys ( Panchadara Chilakalu), etc, have 10-15% possibilities of breakage in shipping. Order only if you are okay with it. It’s not that they break always, our packaging standards are maintained based on the products and most of the time the product is 99% safe.
  • All our products are produced by the experts and following the standards, if at all if you need it to be altered it has to be mentioned in the notes like spicier, less spicy, no salt, no sugar, more sugar, less ghee, more ghee etc.
  • By default, some of the products are made out of Ghee and if you are allergic to ghee you have to mention it in the notes.
  • The product you order will be either labelled in English or one of the regional languages of India.



  • We don’t replace the products when your concerns are about colour, shape and size.
  • All our products are produced by experts following the standards and if your concern is about the taste alteration, like less spicy, more spicy, more sugar, you are not eligible for replacement.
  • By default, some of the products are made out of Ghee and if you are allergic to ghee you have to mention it in the notes, if you miss doing that you won’t be eligible for replacement