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Tasty and Healthy Tamilnadu Sweets of India 

Kandra Foods is one of the leading suppliers of the best Tamil Nadu Sweets online who have been serving customers delicious sweets for ages that will always remain in their memories. With quality and taste being carried over for years, Kandra Foods have captivated the customer with sweets from Tamilnadu all over the world. We always deliver fresh and local Tamilnadu sweets directly to your doorstep. We are dedicated to providing the Tamilnadu sweets luring even the fussiest people with the same taste they have in their childhood. Our assorted and traditional Tamilnadu sweets are prepared in cold-pressed oils, ensuring good taste and high standards. So buy Tamilnadu Sweets online and enjoy its delectable taste from the comfort of your home.


Andhra Sweets


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Best Food to Fight Covid

Inji Marappa

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Home Made Sweets

Kadalai Mittai

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Best Sweets


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Home Made Sweets

KoKo Mittai

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Home Made Sweets

Pottukadalai Urundai

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Traditional and Native Sweet treat for your Palate

The mantra for the high demand of Tamilnadu Sweets from Kandra Foods is primarily due to delivering tasty products made with the finest ingredients, hygienic preparation, and careful order packaging. Our primary aim is to offer you an exclusive Tamilnadu Sweets shopping experience. Kandra Foods provides the best tasty and quality Tamilnadu sweets. We have risen to the peak of success by serving uncompromised and splendid products with each purchase and delivery. You can also order Tamilnadu Sweets in bulk from us as they come with the highest shelf life. So feel happy with the unmatched freshness and nutritional value of our Tamilnadu sweets.


Appetizing and Nutritious Delicacies for Everyone

South Indian sweets always hold a place in our hearts. A box of mouth-watering Tamilnadu sweets is one of the top ways to celebrate any occasion or festival. Treat the guests of your home to an extensive range of sweets, starting from chikki, Kammarcut, to athisaram, badusha, and many more, by getting the Tamilnadu Sweets at Wholesale price from Kandra foods. So explore our range of tempting and yummy sweets and other delicacies. We always aim to bring brilliant and authentic food sourced from their original places to your home. 


Kandra Foods-The Tastemakers of Tamilnadu Sweets

Kandra Foods produce traditional Tamilnadu sweets with their authentic and original taste. We offer an array of Tamilnadu sweets like Kovilpatti Kadalai, Ellu Mittal, Koko / Coco Mittai, and many more. All our previous customers are so satisfied with the products that they have ordered again from us. We deliver Tamilnadu sweets even to the remotest corner of India with completely secured packaging. Thus if you are searching for a genuine company offering traditional Tamilnadu Sweets near you, then Kandra Foods is the ultimate platform for you!

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