Why Should You Rent A Water Purifier?


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Water purifiers have become a necessity in today’s world of pollution. Every kind of pollution doesn’t matter whether it is land pollution, air pollution, Acid rain, radioactive waste disposal, or sewage oil spills at the end everything results in the contamination of our water bodies. All these are the main causes of water pollution resulting in the development of prolonged diseases in human beings and also in other habitats. Purifying water before using it, especially for drinking purposes is a must to do the practice. From ancient time people are purifying water before using it, and practices like boiling water, and leaving water for someday to remove solid impurities through sedimentation was very common practice during those times.


Nowadays, there are so many advanced technologies present in the market to save time and provide safe water to use. Water purifiers are counted as a basic need. Drinking safe and purified water will keep you healthy and diseases at a distance from you. Diseases like diarrhea, cholera, jaundice, etc, are caused by drinking contaminated and unclean water. As drinking the proper amount of water is important, what’s even more important is to intake the proper amount of safe and clean water.


Nowadays, we can see a unique pattern in society, the habit of renting goods rather than buying them. The same goes for water purifiers, renting a water purifier has become a trend. People are not just renting houses or furniture but nowadays they are renting other goods also. Renting programs for water purifiers is a convenient way to enjoy safe and pure drinking water.


Here are some reasons why you Should Rent a Water Purifier:


1. Cost friendly:

Buying a water purifier is very costly. Apart from buying a water purifier, the installment process and tools are also expensive. The cost doesn’t limit here only, the maintenance is also heavy work for the pocket, then taking insurance is another way for money to flow out of your pocket.

But when you rent a water purifier, all these expenses are borne by the person who is providing you with the purifier. So there are no extra expenses involved apart from your monthly rent.


2. Flexibility:

Changing places is always been a headache for people especially when it comes to furniture. But because you are paying the rent only and technically it’s not your property so you don’t have to take tension for what you are going to do with your water purifier. You just need to call the provider and the rest of the work will be done by the provider as it is their work to manage their products.


Because of the new technologies in the market, the prices of these water purifiers are going high and high, example:

  • If you are planning to go for a UV+RO+UF+TDS technology-based water purifier, the minimum amount you need to spend for it is around INR 10,000-15,000 which is not at all a good option for most people who are struggling to manage their expenses.
  • Another example is UV+RO+UF+TDS-based systems for water purification. Water purifiers that use these kinds of technologies are much more expensive than normal water purifiers, you need to pay approx double the amount that the graded purifier


3. Easy option for students and traveling people: In an era where people are so busy

Moving ahead of everyone else, what is the need for you to wait for an extra minute and scratch your head thinking about what to do with your goods? Renting your gadgets, or renting goods is not a new thing nowadays. Nowadays people are renting almost everything. People rent a house, the furniture inside it, a car-bike then what is the need to buy a water purifier, better to rent a well-functioning water purifier. Especially for students and traveling buddies, it is a convenient choice to make when you are not settled and continuously shift from one place to another. While moving out of your place you just need to inform its owner. As you are not moving out without your water purifier it becomes so convenient now because you don’t have to spend money on couriering it.


4. So many options to choose from:

If you buy a water purifier you are bound to use it for the rest of your life at least, till it works perfectly. You are stuck because you have invested an ample amount of your resources into it. But when you rent a water purifier you can change your rented water purifier until you get the perfect water purifier of your requirement and choice. If you are not happy enough with your water purifier you can replace it with a new one by talking to your provider, this way you get so many options when choosing the perfect water purifier for you. Therefore renting a water purifier is a beneficial deal.


5. You can avoid maintenance and service costs :

By renting a water purifier you can avoid paying a heavy amount for its installation and later maintenance costs. All this work will come under the responsibility of the provider. If somehow your water purifier stops working or is not working properly or you are not happy with it, the maintenance cost, reinstallation charge, and service cost, everything will be covered by the provider and you don’t have to take any tension for it. The filter is the responsibility of the provider and you can ask them for help if any issue is associated with the water purifier provided by them.



Water purifiers have become an essential and basic requirement for everyone, especially after the constant urbanization of places. Water is an essential part of every living organism’s life, so for humans, too. Because of urbanization water bodies are not clean anymore but are contaminated. Contamination of water is a serious issue for everyone whether the environmentalists or general people, there are plenty of diseases that are caused by unclean and contaminated water, and because of all these issues, it is very much important to have clean and safe drinking water. For this purpose water purifiers are made, in the market, there are so many options for water purifiers but the real question is, does everyone have enough resources to spend on such high-five gadgets? And the answer is no, buying and installment of a water purifier requires so much money and it is not at all possible for everyone, also some people do not like moving the stuff every time they shift, and because of this reason what they usually do is, they decide to not buy so many stuff, especially the heavy gadgets because of their traveling condition. Keeping all these conditions in mind, it is very much important to find a middle ground for every customer. Nowadays, people are getting so fascinated about renting stuff. Renting a water purifier is a good option for people who are unable to spend a lot of money on gadgets like this. Renting a water purifier will just not save a big amount of money, which usually gets spent while buying the water purifier and during its installation. Renting will also cut the cost of shifting your goods. Renting a water purifier is best for people who are always shifting and moving from one place to another. A water purifier is essential for living a good and healthy life and renting a water purifier is a good option and also cost-friendly.

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Digital Marketing Expert, consultant, Mentor and Director of KandraDigital Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd.


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