11 Most Problems Of RO Purifiers And Their Solution


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RO purifier is a common way to filter the water and make it free from any contaminants. It is a healthy way to achieve purity without the addition of any harmful chemical substance. RO purifier works on reverse osmosis technology through a thin membrane that is responsible for the separation of any kind of contaminants from the water, especially the mixed solid impurities in the water, which we also call TDS level. A TDS level is the number of solid impurities which are dissolved in water and may be harmful to our health if taken in a very high amount.

There are so many advantages of having a RO like it filters out the most contaminants possible while filtration, it is a safe and environmentally friendly method to purify water, it is best for water softening. The semi-permeable membrane that is used for water purification is also capable of refining out the ion and requires very less power to operate.

But with every advantage, some disadvantages come along with this advanced technology.

1. A noisy faucet or drain:

This is a common RO problem that is generally seen in the RO water purifier. This happens usually after the installation of a new system or after you have changed the RO’s cartridges. When you change the cartridge the air gets trapped inside it and result in a noisy faucet or water drain, but there is no need for you to take tension as after some time it gets well and also the problem goes away. You should also do servicing to your water purifier, this will help you in maintaining the life of your water purifier.

2. Leakage in the faucet:

If your system is not rightly fitted or loosely put together it will result in leakage in the faucet. Usually the faucet leaks from the bottom, therefore it is very important to look for the parts closely while fitting the purifier parts because if not this will result in a big issue later.

3.Foul odor or bad taste of water:

If your water purifying membrane does not work properly, the taste of your water will get worse. It also happens when the water membrane is worn-out or depleted. Therefore regular checkups are very important for the water purifier. After the replacement of the depleted membrane, the water will eventually start tasting good and will also become healthy.

4.Need electricity to work:

RO purifiers need a regular supply of electricity to perform their task, if not they won’t work. RO water purifiers are gadgets that work on electricity. If you are living in a region where having a continuous flow of electricity is very rare or there are regular disputes in electricity then RO is not a good choice for you.

5.A system that runs without stopping :

This problem usually happens when the shut-off valve is not closed properly. In those times you should check the valves. If the membrane installation is done wrong then there is a greater chance that you will encounter this problem. This results in the continuous flow of water (i.e water purifier runs without break). The simple solution for this issue is to check the pressure of the storage tank. Ideally, the pressure inside the storage tank should be 35-40 psi, measure the pressure, if the tank pressure is not according to it just replace the valve.

6.Water flows slower than usual:

This problem is also related to the tank pressure. If the pressure in the RO tank is not the expected level just increase the pressure to 6 to 8 psi carefully with the help of a pressure gauge. If even after that your RO doesn’t work properly then the whole tank must be replaced.

7.Slow working process:

Water filtration in the reverse process requires enough time to work properly. If your tank is fully empty then you have to wait for a long time to get 1 glass of water. All the water purifiers that work with the help of electricity need enough time to filter enough amount of water to use.

8.High installation and maintenance charge:

Installation and maintenance are expensive steps after buying the expensive RO. The installation and later maintenance cost an ample amount of money and therefore is not convenient for everybody out there.

9.Pressure problem:

In RO water purifiers, the work is done with the help of pressure only. The water gets purified using this method only, where high pressure is applied through the semi-permeable membrane and the solid impurities and the salts get separated from the water. If there is any mistake in the tank pressure this will result in the quality of water that has been produced after the filtration.

10.Routine filter change:

Changing the filter after its depletion is a very important part of the maintenance of a RO water purifier. If you don’t change the filter regularly after certain months then the water quality coming out of the filter will degrade which can potentially make people sick.

11.Clogging problem:

All the water filter which uses membranes or other impurities soakers have this problem in them. Clogging is a common problem found in RO purifiers as the purifier uses a semi-permeable membrane for impurity separation. Clogging of the membrane results in the downfall of the quality of drinking water. The only way to treat it is to remove the membrane and clean it on regular basis or if your water purifier is still not working after all of this practice then you need to replace the membrane with a new one. This happens because of the separation of solid and ionic impurities from water while purifying the water the ions get deposited on or near the membrane which later takes the form of clogging material. Many a time when the membrane gets worn out or stops working efficiently, then in those times it is very important to do a regular checkup of your water purifiers.


Water purification is an essential practice and for that, there are so many available water purifiers out there. There are hundreds of advantages of having a RO water purifier as it is an environmentally friendly water purifying system, is best for water softening, the semi-permeable membrane can refine out the ions and require very less power to operate, etc. As we all know that with every good side there is some bad side also present, and an RO water purifier is not something untouchable to it. RO water purifiers have their shortcomings like they can’t operate without electricity, then, again and again, occurring to the pressure problem, the cost of installment, etc. Therefore it is very important to get to know about your circumstances and the facility of your home before considering any water purifier. Water purifiers are very essential for keeping someone healthy from all this contamination and water-borne diseases. Choosing water purifiers that work efficiently and meet all of your expectations without letting you compromise in any manner.

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