How RO Water Purifier Helps Us To Boost Our Immunity & Its Benefits


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Up to 65% of our body is made up of water and it is almost clear now how important water is for our body. Drinking water is a primary requirement of our body but as much water intake is essential for humans, drinking clean water is much more essential for us to maintain our health. After the pandemic, everyone understood why it is not necessary to have a good immune system. Having clean and mineral-rich water is a must for people now to help them boost their immune system apart from the food and other essential supplements they are taking.

Drinking the required amount of water is important but what is more important is the quality of the water.


What is water purification?

Water purification is a process used to cleanse water and remove unwanted substances and make it free from bacteria, viruses, inorganic-organic materials, and other contaminants. The process includes so many stages like distillation (conversion of liquid into vapor form), deionization (removal of ions by extracting dissolved salts), etc.


What is a water purifier?

A water purifier helps in removing impurities. Apart from removing impurities and contaminants as any other water filter does, a water purifier also kills biological contaminants and removes harmful minerals. Water filters are designed mainly to remove bacteria but not viruses.

A RO water purifier purifies water with the help of a semi-permeable membrane that has microscopic pores in it. Some of the other purifiers work using UV chambers that purify the remaining impurities from water.


How RO Water Purifier Helps Us To Boost Our Immunity

RO purifiers are water purifiers that use a semi-permeable membrane to purify the water. RO purifiers do not use chemicals and other added meters for water purification. There is also a layer of carbon film inside the RO for water purification that helps to remove all the water contaminants from the water. Also, good minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium get added to the water which are essential means to boost our immune system. RO water is very much safe as it is parasite-free, salt-free, and chemical free.


RO Water Purifier Benefits

Water filtration is a necessity for people nowadays and it has so many benefits. It helps maintain our body’s health and wellness. According to UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), in India, nearly half of the population doesn’t have clean and safe drinking water.

There are many different types of water purifiers available on the market with their specifications according to the water contamination level. For hard water RO systems are the best. RO water purifying system removes the dissolved impurities from the water. Dirt particles, pollutants, solid contaminants, and some other harmful substances like Arsenic, Nitrates, salts, copper particles, lead particles, and other chemicals are also separated from the water with the help of RO technology.


Some of the water filtration benefits are mentioned below:

1. Helps in the removal of harmful chemicals from our water:

Water coming out of our tap has mostly thousands of chemicals mixed with it. Intake of such chemicals for a long time can cause serious health problems in our body and can severely damage some of our internal organs and also may infect them. A filtration system helps to filter out 99.9% of such chemicals from our drinking water. Chemicals like chlorine are often added to water while the purification process in water purification plants. We all know that chlorine has the property to kill many harmful bacteria and pesticides but only a few people know that intaking a large amount of chlorine can cause some major health risks. Chlorine when mixed with organic materials produces trihalomethanes (THMs) that are carcinogenic (can cause cancer). Intaking chlorine for a long time can cause other respiratory conditions like asthma, etc. But with the help of the RO purification technique, all these harmful chemicals can be purified and removed afterward.


2. It protects us from harmful diseases

As mentioned earlier, in India almost 50% of the population is far from clean and safe drinking water which means there are so many harmful germs and bacteria in water. A RO purifier purifies the water using a semi-permeable membrane. With the use of a semi-permeable membrane, most of the harmful bacteria, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites get removed. RO water purifier protects us from harmful waterborne diseases. RO water purifiers can clean up to 97 percent of bacteria and other elements that can become the cause of so many serious health problems. Diseases like cholera, E.coli, and salmonella are caused by bacteria and viruses present in contaminated water. Drinking direct water from the tap can cause so many deadly diseases which can affect your health for a very prolonged time. RO water purifiers can purify particles smaller than 0micron size. Many other contaminants may not be so much harm to our body but also not so good either. Substances like limescale, clay, etc are also purifiable successfully through the RO technique.


3. Lower risk of health problems 

People who drink filtered water are less likely to develop gastrointestinal problems than people who drink water straight from the tap. Problems like kidney stones can be caused by the calcium found in tap water. Intaking unfiltered water for a long time can cause ulcers and other problems. It is also efficient in removing viruses from water. Water purified by using UV purification, chlorine, distillation, and ultrafiltration can remove dangerous viruses from our bodies. RO with copper technology provides copper mineral-enriched water. As it is well known, copper-enriched water is very beneficial for our health. Copper is a natural immune booster metal that also removes harmful viruses from the water. Copper-enriched water helps in breaking down food particles in our stomach and improves digestion, which helps in improving our digestive system. Copper technology kills harmful bacteria and ensures healthy kidney and liver functioning.


4. Water filtration boosts our health, metabolism, and digestion

Water filtration systems are so beneficial for our health. The purified water helps in weight loss, nutrient absorption, skin hydration, good digestion, reduction of risk of cancer and other acute and chronic diseases, etc. Drinking purified water is also good for our mental health. Drinking pure water helps in improving body metabolism. It also boosts the food digestion process and maintains a good level of important enzymes in our body. Water helps in breaking down fats which will help us in weight loss.


5. RO water removes heavy metals from drinking water

Heavy metals in water can cause many health issues. Diseases like cancer damage, organ damage, and nervous system dysfunction.

Generally, heavy metals like cadmium, copper, iron, lead, and nickel are found in water bodies, especially in India. Water purifiers with carbon film and RO inside can remove most of these contaminants from water. Nowadays most RO has mineral booster which helps in mineral boosting and leaves a healthy amount of some minerals like calcium, minerals, and potassium which is considered healthy for us. These minerals help in boosting our immune system and also improve our health condition.


6. Helps in improving hair and skin quality

Drinking clean and safe water also has a very powerful effect on hair growth and making your skin look healthy. As we know most of the human body is made up of water, about 60%, which means consuming a large amount of water will help your body’s development and prevent you from premature aging. Consuming a healthy amount of water will help to maintain moist skin and healthy volumized hair.

Purifiers with RO technology are the best choice for water having a high level of TDS (Total dissolved solids) in water.


7. Environment Benefits

RO purifiers are also environmentally friendly. RO systems produce less hazardous wastewater because no chemicals have been used in water purification. RO system works on reverse osmosis method where the water has been purified through a thin semi-permeable membrane which lets the water pass through it with some healthy minerals but doesn’t let other contaminants and harmful solids, inorganic and organic waste pass through it.


8. Enhances water taste

Clean water tastes better. If we take a closer look into the journey of tap water we will see that during its journey from the reservoir to our houses most of its time is spent in pipes, and pipes with an old lead coating which results in an undesirable taste in water. It is very obvious we humans are very sensitive to smells and tastes. RO water purifiers are built in this way and have features that can improve water taste and smell. It can purify water and can add essential minerals to the water. RO water purification is also very famous because of its water taste enhancement technology.



RO water purifiers have so many benefits for the environment, and health, whether it is a money matter. Water purifiers nowadays are equipped with so many advanced technologies and technical instruments with customizable features up to customers’ means. Water purifiers are -working so efficiently in purifying our water and making it contaminant free by removing harmful chemicals, and pollutants and by improving the overall quality of water and its flavor. Water purifiers have become an essential part of people nowadays, this is due to fast industrialization which is causing fast water contamination of water.


Apart from everything, Water purifiers are the new revolution in new India for people who are so concerned about their health and fitness. RO water purifiers are among the best of all available water purifiers. It helps to maintain our health by providing clean, safe, and mineral-rich water. Tap water is the basic requirement but the cost of your health as a responsible citizen shouldn’t only be to have clean water (by only looks) but also need to be safe. RO purifiers give you the freedom to drink safe and pure water. Installment of a water purifier is a worthwhile investment not only for yourself but also for your family.

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