In-Line UV Vs In-Tank UV. Which Disinfection Is The Best?


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Choosing the correct water purifier is always tedious work to do. The increasing level of pollution day by day is making the whole environment unhealthy and sick. Contamination of resources like air, water, soil, etc is at an all-time high. And because of all this, it becomes so important to keep ourselves healthy in the middle of this. Infections like bacterial, microbial, and other diseases are becoming so common nowadays and also life-threatening. Therefore choosing the best for yourself is very important, and choosing the best disinfection method is as much important as choosing a suitable water filter.

There are so many different types of disinfectants available that might be suitable for you, but today we are going to talk about the UV disinfection system, its types, and which one is better for you to use.

UV disinfection system

A UV disinfection system is a water disinfection technology that uses UV (Ultraviolet) wavelength for disinfecting water. It uses UV light of wavelength 253.7 nanometers, which is capable to kill bacteria, viruses, molds, microbes, algae, and other microorganisms which suspend in the water and regenerate exponentially. UV technology kills bacteria and other microbes by destroying their DNA. This technology is very helpful and easy to apply in disinfecting water without adding any chemicals to it.

Types of UV disinfection:

Today we’ll talk about In-Line UV Vs In-Tank UV disinfection. Water stored for a longer time is not safe to use and can make you ill if you try drinking it. Keeping water for a long time in a tank will make the water prone to microbes generation, bacterial infections, and a home to other microorganisms.

In-Line UV Vs In-Tank UV:

Both disinfectant systems have their features and level of efficient work.

The In-Line UV system disinfects the water before storing the water in the filter tank, also it only disinfects the water once before storing. In this disinfection system water only gets disinfected once, if you leave the water for a longer time in its tank then it’ll become the home of microbes. Generally, this type of disinfectant is not preferred because of its functioning system and is also not recommended for people who are not in their homes for longer days. For water purified by this UV disinfection method, you need to clean the tank regularly.

The In-Tank UV system disinfects the water stored in the water tank and will automatically turn off after the work is done. In-Tank UV system is an automatic function provided in a RO purifier and is beneficial when you are going on a long vacation. You need to clean the water chamber regularly so that there is no chance of microbe generation in the water. Leaving water in the tank for a long time can infect the water with microbial problems but with the help of the In-Tank UV system you don’t have to worry about your clean water, everything will be automatically done by the RO system. Due to its working procedure, it keeps the water clean and safe for a longer time.

Difference between In-Line UV and In-Tank UV disinfection:

From the above discussion, you might get a clear vision of In-Line UV and In-Tank UV disinfection, now we will discuss the difference between both.

  • Placement of UV light:

In-Line UV and In-Tank UV disinfection both consist of a UV light disinfector but the difference is, In-Tank, the UV system is placed in the water storage itself, while in In-Line, the UV system is placed in the chamber through which the water passes.

  • Chances of microbial infection:

In-Tank UV system stored water is much safer than an In-Line UV system from microbes. In-Tank UV system, stored water gets disinfected without the need to empty the storage as it disinfects the water through its continuous UV ray treatment that is suspended in the tank. Whereas, for an In-Line UV system there is always some possibility of regeneration of microbes if the stored water is not in use for a long time.

  • Cleaning the storage tank when not in use:

For the In-Tank UV system, you need not clean the water tank when it is not in use for a long time but for the In-Line UV system, you need to clean the tank once in a while.

  • The number of times water disinfection:

The In-Line UV system disinfects the water only once i.e when water goes through the chamber before storing it. Whereas, in the In-Tank UV system the water tank itself contains the UV system.


In-Tank UV disinfection is way more preferable to In-Line UV disinfection because of its features of keeping water safe for a longer duration from microbial infections. Hence, from the above discussion of comparison between both the disinfections, we can conclude that In-Tank UV disinfection has a much higher score than In-Line UV disinfection.

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