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Kerala Pickles

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Most people move to metropolitan cities for career or educational purposes. They leave their near ones and work hard to attain a reputed social status. Thus they become highly prone to homesickness. It is also applicable to the foods that matter to them the most. They can’t travel home every day or month. But there is an easy way through which you can get rid of all the homesickness. It is by bringing some known flavors from your home to your rented house, PG, or hostel. Just like your granny or mom serves the Kerala pickles with any main meal, you can order a pack of the best Kerala pickles online from Kandra Foods that will make you feel at home.

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We are elated by your presence! It doesn’t matter how big or small your purchase is Your order on KandraFoods will enable/feed several tens of rural families and make it a living for them. KandraFoods is employing rural women and farmers and empowering them in all possible ways, join hands! Your small support is a million dollars worth to the less fortunate lives.
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Why KandraFoods Pickles are So Special?

KandraFoods pickles are famous for their homely flavors and rich textures. Our wide range of available products helps our customers to try something new every time. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. The high nutrient level in our food and its tasty nature makes it different from other products. Our pickles are prepared traditionally so that we can provide you with an authentic and more rich taste. The spices that are used in making pickles are firstly roasted and then used. KandraFoods don't use any prepacked ingredients for our products. 

From: 134.40118.72
From: 134.40118.72

Happy Customers Kind words

I am in love with Kandrafoods chicken pickle. Maybe the cold pressed oils used in your pickles will be the reason, I love your mango and gongura pickles as well. Thanks for providing quality at reasonable prices

Amazing! the aroma of the spices is pleasant, mouth watering i am surely order again. thankyou so much kandrafoods

Thanks to KandraFoods for such a delicious chicken pickle. I can’t resist having it every now and then, it’s mouth-watering whenever I think of it. I suggest giving a try to kandrafoods chicken pickle and you will definitely love it.

I had ordered one Kg mutton pickle with moringa leaves and it tasted heaven. They told it arrives in 1-2 days, but it arrived on 3rd day however it was fresh and very tasty.

Why Kandra Foods Deliver top Kerala Pickles online?

We at Kandra Foods take proper care of the minute details related to the procedures and packaging, which make our Kerala pickles the best in the market. Our experts blend the different conventional cooking techniques with the novelty to achieve this efficiency in the Kerala Pickles. You can order Kerala pickles from our website and taste and feel them, which is better than explaining it. So buy Kerala pickles online and recommend them to your friends also who are staying away from home.

How are Kerala Pickles from Kandra Foods Different From other Pickles?

The spicy, sour, and sweet blend of the Kerala spices are a thrill in your mouth and deserves special attention from you. All the collections of Kerala pickles are manufactured with low oil but remain fresh for a longer duration compared to other local brands in the market. The fenugreek seeds are added in powdered form to the Kerala pickles that creates a little twist in the taste.

Recipes where you can use Kerala Pickles

You can do Kerala pickles shopping from Kandra Foods and tickle your taste buds. You can buy Kerala pickles wholesale and store them for over a year at room temperature. Serve Kerala pickles like Lemon pickle, Raw Mango pickle, Dates pickle, Prawn pickle, Gooseberry pickle, Fish pickle, and many more with dosa, chapati, idli, curd rice, upma, khichdi, and roti. We ship Kerala pickles across all cities. Buy these 100% homemade Kerala pickles at a reasonable price with high quality.


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