We produce freshly after receiving orders, we don't pre-pack & store food products in order to serve you fresh.

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Usirikaya Pickle

From: 156.80109.76

Buy Usirikaya Pickle Online in India. Homemade Usirikaya Pickle now to your doorstep in a click from Kandrafoods, order now for the organic Usirikaya Pickle from comfort of your home.

 We produce freshly after receiving orders, we don't pre-pack & store food products in order to serve you fresh. Global Shipping Services

Use BIGDISCOUNT Coupon To Avail Upto 20% OFF

  • India | USA | Canada | United Kingdom | Singapore | Malayasia | Middle East & more
  • 1.2 MN Orders Served
  • Rated 5/5 for Taste & Quality
  • Premium Packaging 
  • FSSAI Approved ( Lic-11221305000138)
  • Hygienic, Traditional & HomeMade
  • All Our Products Are Made Of Pure & Quality Ingredients In Order To Serve You Healthy & Quality Food Products.

Buy Usirikaya Pickle in India

Delight your taste buds with the tangy goodness of KandraFoods’ Usirikaya Pickle. Experience the ease of buying, ordering, shopping, or purchasing this zesty pickle online, right from the comfort of your home. Our user-friendly online platform ensures a seamless shopping experience, eliminating the need for traditional store visits. Why settle for ordinary pickles when you can effortlessly order Usirikaya Pickle online from KandraFoods? Revel in the luxury of convenience without compromising on the quality of our thoughtfully crafted pickle. Embark on a culinary journey as you shop for KandraFoods’ Usirikaya Pickle online. Explore our carefully curated selection and choose the pickle that promises to add a burst of flavor to your meals. Ready to elevate your dining experience? Purchase KandraFoods’ Usirikaya Pickle online and enjoy the perks of doorstep delivery. Our secure payment options and reliable shipping ensure a worry-free purchase, allowing you to focus on relishing the zesty goodness of our flavorful pickle.


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6 reviews for Usirikaya Pickle

  1. Eben

    Tastes sharp, not salty!

  2. Athithyan

    Beautifully made, lovely quality pickle, beautifully packaged. Great product, great service.Thank you so so much Kandra foods.

  3. Jusnavi

    Easy to order, everything is lovely and clear. Items of food packaged well. Food items fresh and delicious. I will definitely be ordering again.

  4. Angayapriyan

    I love Usirikaya Pickle. I regularly try quite a variety of different Home made/ on-line Packaged Pickles of both North and South.

  5. Jasna

    Literally the taste feels so homemade with great packing. It couldn’t be better than this as far as I’ve tried from many other sites. They delivered so quick to my door.

  6. chithra

    Providing Fast Delivery ,Good Quality, Good Taste.i liked these products

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usirikaya pickle
Usirikaya Pickle
From: 156.80109.76 Select options
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