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       Premium Quality Tamilnadu Pickles              

Tamilnadu pickles can transform a simple meal into a most delicious one. Pickles from the state of Tamilnadu are deeply rooted in our memories and traditions. Whenever you taste the tangy and spicy of the pickle with ghee and hot rice, you go back and become nostalgic about your childhood memories. These are so appetizing and go well with any other meal or breakfast that lasts for a few days, even after purchasing Tamilnadu pickles in bulk. If you do not have any time to make Karam or chutney in the morning to serve with dosa, Pongal, idly, or upma, these pickles become your savior. 


Andhra Pickle

Bitter Gourd Pickle

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Carrot Pickle

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Andhra Pickle

Green Tamarind Pickle

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Why is Tamilnadu pickles everyone’s Favorite?

Are you living in one of the densely populated metropolitan cities? Do you always hurry up in the morning or return home from work after a hectic day schedule? Do you need some break from the kitchen toils? If the answer to all these queries is affirmative, then order Tamilnadu pickles which go well as a condiment with any dish like bread, rice, chapattis, and idly. It is one of the most predominant dishes in every house, restaurants, weddings, and hotels in Tamilnadu. You can found the best Tamilnadu pickles online at Kandra Foods. 


Health Benefits of Tamilnadu Pickles 

Tamilnadu pickles consumption is helpful, even when you follow a weight loss diet plan and burn out those additional calories. It is because the Tamilnadu pickles' extensive range is lower in calories and includes few properties that assist in weight loss. Thus selecting the right one and buying the Tamilnadu pickles online will coincide with both health and taste buds. 


Why select Kandra Foods’ Tamilnadu pickles?

Through Tamilnadu pickles shopping from Kandra Foods, you can feel the same taste of your grandma’s magic again. We implement the best conventional way and exceptional way of making Tamilnadu pickles. Our pickles are high in standard and taste much better than the preservatives and chemical-filled commercial pickles for enhanced shelf life. You can also purchase Tamilnadu pickles wholesale from Kandra Foods if you have any occasion in your house.


Different Types of Tamilnadu Pickles

Some of the lip-smacking ranges of Tamil Nadu pickles include finely chopped mango pickles, Mango Thokku, Prawn Thokku, Tomato Thokku, Mahali Kizhangu, and garlic pickles. All the Tamilnadu pickles’ prices are very pocket-friendly and reasonable. You can have these products at your doorstep with an ordering by just a single click. We guarantee to deliver 100% product satisfaction to all our customers. 

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