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Buy Gourmet Jar pickles online from Kandra Foods

Pickle is an age-old recipe and tradition not only in India but all across the world. There are outstanding and best quality Jar pickles in Kandra Foods ranging from intensely spicy, salt, or tangy taste. You can store pickles in a glass jar for ages and acts like a probiotic. All our pickle collections are hand and homemade from the heirloom recipes, implementing various ingredients like cold-pressed oil, Sendha namak, or pink rock salt. This mouth-watering side dish goes well with any main cuisine like poori or paratha. You can also place an order for Jar pickles in bulk numbers as they stock out fast, leaving you disappointed. So why take a chance of missing out on these delicacies when you can store them for 12 months.


Andhra Pickle

Gongura Pickle

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Andhra Pickle

Green Tamarind Pickle

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Delicious Sweets


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Andhra Pickle

Jackfruit Pickle

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From: 350.00315.00

Andhra Pickle

Tamarind Pickle

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Andhra Pickle

Vellulli Uragaya

From: 359.55280.00

Different Types of Jar Pickles you can shop online.

A pickle is a fruit, vegetable, or meat that gets prepared in vinegar or brine. Besides making a bland and tasteless food outstanding, the juice from the pickles can also assist in strengthening the immune system and boosting your digestion. According to research, pickles also heal various ailments and reduce the cancer risk. The most popular pickled items of Kandra Foods include chili, mango, and garlic. Get your quota of homemade pickles by placing an order in Kandra Foods. All our pickles get prepared by implementing vegetables, preserved in various condiments and spices. It includes no synthetic flavors and preservatives. 


Order Jar pickles from Kandra Foods at an Unbelievable Price

A big or little jar of pickle is inevitably present on every Indian dining table. Whether you are an ardent follower of lemon, mango or garlic pickle, Kandra Foods have it all for their customer. If you love non-vegetarian pickles, you can order those too from our website. You can also get pickles from different states of India like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and more. Simply select all the pickles that you are fond of and add them to the cart. We also offer jar pickles at wholesale prices to every customer, even when you buy a single piece from us. So what are you waiting for? Purchase the highest quality jar pickles from Kandra Foods and get them delivered within a few days to your doorstep with no difficulty.

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