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Hygienic and Healthy Homemade Pickles

The best quality Home Made Pickles from Kandra Foods include the finest ingredients and are made with utmost care maintaining hygiene by strictly following the traditional recipes. We seal the packet with pure love and deliver it to your doorstep whenever you order Home Made Pickles from our website. All our collections in this segment are exceptionally delicious and are a dream for gourmet pickle lovers. Kandra Foods have successfully converted the conventional pickle recipes of our predecessor generations to their finest. Buy our extensive range of Home Made Pickles online and take a trip to memory lane, filled with nostalgia, stories and memories!


Andhra Pickle

Chintakaya Thokku

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From: 200.0099.00

Andhra Pickle

Gongura Pickle

From: 390.00325.00

Andhra Pickle

Vellulli Uragaya

From: 359.55280.00

Completely Natural and Organic Homemade Pickles

You will be relieved and delighted to know that our homemade pickles are natural and organic. It does not include any artificial colors, additives, or preservatives. You can purchase our Home Made Pickles in bulk amounts and gift them to your relatives and friends with no fear of getting damaged. Since there is no usage of any artificial preservatives in these products, you can store them and preserve their freshness for the maximum time. Refrigerate them to retain their taste as fresh as possible. Remember to take out the pickle with the help of a dry spoon and never insert wet cutlery to serve it. Home-made pickles taste fabulous with a dollop of butter or ghee and hot steaming rice. 


Shop for Home Made Pickles at Kandra Foods

At Kandra Foods, you can purchase Home Made Pickles at wholesale prices even while adding a single unit to your cart. We only implement natural ingredients and spices, and thus our products are non-adulterated. Our different ranges of homemade pickles include sweet lemon, spicy mango, mixed, mango chunda, sweet mango, spicy lime, chili pickle, and many more. You can choose from the different options of pouch or jar packaging in various quantities. Apart from selling the products at affordable prices, you can also pay for them safely through netbanking, credit, and debit card alternatives. 


Savor the taste of Home Made Pickles from Kandra Foods

The pickle experts at Kandra Foods are well aware of how to select the correct ingredients and combine different flavors to get the best taste and aroma. Our sole mission is to deliver the top-notch Home Made Pickles near you to make your main dish and meal outstanding. We offer only the best to all our customers. So with no further delay, place your order at Kandra Foods for the high-standard homemade pickles and treasure the taste that your tongue will savor! 

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