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Honey is being used all over the world for years, not just because it is a natural sweetener but it also has a lot of health benefits. It is also being used as medicine and from ancient times it is being used to cure various types of diseases. India is the largest exporter of Honey to various countries and produces a huge amount of honey every year. Various states of India produce a good quality of honey which is rich in taste as well as healthy. Honey is available at an affordable price in India as compared to foreign countries There are various varieties of honey available in India which differ in their taste, odor, and color. The honey variation is mainly based on the flower nectar extracted from different flowers by the bees.


Two Major Types of Honey 

Honey is mainly divided into two broad categories, one is Processed honey and another is Raw honey. They both are entirely different from each other in terms of their taste, color, and odor.

1. Processed Honey or Regular Honey

Processed honey is the one which we usually see in the market. It is usually available in bottles in various shops and malls and nowadays they are also available in medical stores. They are prepared by industries by mixing various types of chemicals in them and then processing at various levels. In processed honey companies mix such types of chemicals which improve its sweetness and also make it dark-colored. They also add chemicals that improve the life of honey so that they can be stored and used for a longer duration. But in the making of processed honey, it loses a lot of essential nutrients, and also loses its effectiveness. It is not as beneficial as compared to Raw honey. 


2. Raw Honey 

Raw honey is directly extracted from honeycomb without any processing and mixing of any type of chemicals. They are directly strained and packed into containers for supply. Raw honey is not as sweeter as processed honey but it has got its natural taste and odor and it also looks lighter as compared to processed honey. Raw honey is not processed at any stage hence all the essential nutrients remain present in it and are much beneficial for health. It is always good to choose Raw honey as it is natural and directly extracted without any alteration in it. 


Varieties of Raw Honey 

Although there are 300 different varieties of honey available in India, there are some popular varieties which are most liked by people and which are readily available for use. Some of the popular varieties are discussed below: 

1. Sunflower Honey 

This honey looks much lighter and has a very delighting flavor. Its odor is very similar to sunflower and it feels like you have kept the flower inside the jar. This honey is very tasty and beneficial for health. 

2. Rapeseed Honey 

Bees make it using Rapeseed flowers, its color ranges from white to light amber and has a very good odor. It is usually used in making tea to give it a sweet natural flavor. 

3. Jamun Honey 

It is extracted from Jamun and has a very pleasant taste. It can also be consumed by diabetic patients. 

4. Litchi Honey

This honey is much delicious just like litchi and is much suitable to treat digestion-related issues. 

5. Eucalyptus Honey 

This is the most famous and easily available variety of honey. It originated in Australia. It has a very strong taste of menthol. It is proven to be very effective in curing cold and headache. 

6. Clover Honey  This is one of the classical honey used in India and it has enormous health benefits. It contains a large number of antioxidants that protect our body cells from damage. It is also found to be good for healing wounds and also in reducing body fat.

7. Himalayan Honey 

It is extracted from the great Himalayan region it is made from the flora available in the hilly region and it is mostly used for medicinal purposes.

Apart from the above varieties, there are various other varieties which are used by people and all have their unique taste, smell, and color. But any type of Raw honey is much better than the processed version of the same variant. Hence always try to get Raw honey as it is much in nutrition and will bring effective results in your health. 


Health Benefits of Raw Honey

As Raw honey does not contain any type of chemicals and retains all its natural nutritional value it is always good to consume Raw honey. There are varieties of health benefits of using Raw honey in your day-to-day life. The major benefits include: 

1. Rich source of antioxidants 

Raw honey is a very good source of antioxidants and helps protect our body from free radicals which tend to damage our body cells. Its antioxidant property also protects our body from diseases such as cancer and other heart diseases. 

2. Fights fungal infection 

As Raw honey contains a good amount of Hydrogen peroxide in it which is antiseptic. It protects our body from bacterial and fungal infections and nourishes our skin. It also helps develop a glow on our face and also supports anti-aging. 

3. Boost Immune System 

Raw honey contains various Phytonutrients which help boost the immune system of our body and we remain protected from various diseases like cough, cold, fever, and many more. 

4. Helps Heal Wounds 

Because of the varied properties of honey, it is also used in treatment to heal wounds. Raw honey is very good at killing germs and soothing wounds. 

5. Improves Digestion 

Raw honey boosts digestion if taken regularly in the prescribed amount. Apart from improving digestion, it is also beneficial to treat digestive issues such as diarrhea. It is also beneficial in getting rid of stomach ulcers.

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