Now you'll be able to get it in 24 hrs at Bangalore & Hyderabad after dispatch. We produce freshly after receiving orders and don't pre-pack and store food products to serve fresh.

Majjiga Merapakayalu

From: 66.1555.65

Buy Majjiga Merapakayalu Online in India. Homemade Majjiga Merapakayalu now to your doorstep in a click from Kandrafoods, order now for the organic Majjiga Merapakayalu from comfort of your home.

majjiga merapakayalu
Majjiga Merapakayalu

Now you can get it in 24 hrs at Bangalore, Hyderabad & Chennai after dispatch. We produce freshly after receiving orders and we don't pre-pack and store food products with the intention to serve fresh.

  • India | USA | Canada | United Kingdom | Singapore | Malayasia | Middle East & more
  • 1.2 MN Orders Served
  • Rated 5/5 for Taste & Quality
  • Premium Packaging 
  • FSSAI Approved ( Lic-11221305000138)
  • Hygienic, Traditional & HomeMade
  • All Our Products are Made Of Pure Cold Press Oils, Chemical Free Jaggery & High Quality Ingredients

Majjiga Merapakayalu


50, 100, 250, 500, 750, 1

5 reviews for Majjiga Merapakayalu

  1. Janu

    I taste this with the curd rice. Really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aathangya

    Very good ones . Usually most of the brands have chillies stuffed with salt . This one is not and tastes very good .

  3. Kaavaery

    I have tried several types of curd chilies, and I usually prefer the spicier variety. This one is not too spicy, but still quite nice; not too salty with good flavour.

  4. Anand

    Majjiga Merapkayalu was not so salty compared to other sites where I usually order, and it was tasty too. Merapakayalu had a perfect texture and a nice beige.

  5. Tanuja

    Majjiga merapakayalu is so fresh and tastes so homemade. Thank you Kandra Foods!

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