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GummadiKaya Vadiyalu

From: 449.55350.00

Buy GummadiKaya Vadiyalu Online in India. Homemade GummadiKaya Vadiyalu now to your doorstep in a click from GummadiKaya Vadiyalu, order now for the organic GummadiKaya Vadiyalu from comfort of your home.


We are the manufactures and hence we can assure you the quality, reasonable prices and discounts/custom quotes on bulk orders.

  • 8000+ Orders Served
  • Rated 5/5 for Taste & Quality
  • Premium Packaging
  • FSSAI Approved ( Lic-11221305000138)
  • Hygienic, Traditional & HomeMade
  • All Our Products are Made Of Pure Cold Press Oils, Chemical Free Jaggery & High Quality/Organic Ingredients


We have our own transport to Bangalore and Hyderabad that transports packages overnight based on volumes and hence you would received them super fast for Bangalore & Hyderabad regions. In odd cases or of low volumes the regular shipping terms apply, where packages will be picked and delivered by our delivery partners like Amazon Shipping, delhivery, e-com express, Express Bee and more.

Gummadi Vadiyalu

2 reviews for GummadiKaya Vadiyalu

  1. Hari

    My favorite till today!!!

  2. Ram

    So tasty Vadiyalu , I Never Tasted such a good Vadiyalu , Rich look , Even though i Ordered in winter i got Fresh Vadiyalu , Impressive taste , attractive color , thank you kandra foods for Crunchy and tasty Vadiyalu

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