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Masala Fryums –An Outstanding Combination with the Meals

Masala Fryums is rich and delicious with a crispiness to die for. The best Masala Fryums from Kandra Foods is the top evening snack and acts as a side dish with the primary meals of the day. Masala Fryums include an amalgamation of various spices to deliver you an effortless joy in your childhood memories. They also enhance the user’s appetite due to the presence of these mild-flavored and slightly spicy tastes. Due to high standard ingredients and excellent taste, Masala Fryums from Kandra Foods is in wholesale demand in the market. So enjoy your evening tea or coffee with Masala fryums healthily and happily. 


Andhra Fryums

Pela Vadiyalu

From: 178.00149.00

Andhra Fryums

Pepper Papad

From: 122.85102.90

Andhra Fryums

Telagapindi Vadiyalu

From: 117.0098.00

Kandra Foods-One Stop Shop for all Masala Fryums Flavors

All products in the Masala Fryums collections are pure, healthy, and do not contain any adulterations. There are an extensive variety of flavors available as Masala fryums which are chilly tomato, spicy and sweet. The fresh aroma of these products will make you fall in love with them and compel you to shop Masala Fryums more. Kandra Foods offer hygienic and best packaging and deliver them with love to your doorstep. So, buy Masala Fryums online from Kandra Foods and have a unique taste of these snacks anytime during the day and in between your meals.

Fresh and Ready to Fry Masala Fryums

Masala Fryums are sun-dried and ready to fry snacks that are 100% fresh and healthy. Our premium-grade packaging contains high-quality fryums with no addition of preservatives or additives to enhance its shelf life. You can fry Masala Fryums in bulk in an oil of your choice and enjoy its taste for a longer duration by keeping it inside a refrigerator or an airtight container. With more than nine varieties of masala fryums, Kandra Foods maintains quality consistency in each of them. So hurry up and place your order of Masala Fryums today!

Crispy and one bite Masala Fryums 

Do you like to savor mouth-watering, delicious, and crispy snacks from the comfort of your home? If yes, then look out for the best quality Masala Fryums near you. It is the most favorite snack alternative that will impress your entire family and friends circle with ease. The delectable masala fryums come with the perfect blending of the spices that improve its taste, making it a must-have goodness snack for each household. Be it summer, winter or spring, you can enjoy numerous flavors at home by buying Masala Fryums at unbelievable prices from Kandra Foods. 

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