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Best Veg Fryums 

Most vegetarians do not have many options as a condiment to go with their primary menu. But the crispy and crunchy best quality Veg Fryums from Kandra Foods come with irresistible flavors for people of all ages. These veg delights are ready-to-cook items, perfect to have as a snack during tea time or with your meals. You can add your favorite chili powder or chaat masala to enhance the taste of the vegetable fryums according to your preferences. If you have unexpected guests, fry these snacks and serve them with coffee or tea. So order Veg Fryums and enjoy these delicious items by sharing them with your friends and family. 


Andhra Fryums

GummadiKaya Vadiyalu

From: 178.00149.00

Andhra Vadiyalu

Majjiga Merapakayalu

From: 63.0053.00
From: 63.0053.00

Andhra Fryums

Potato Vadiyalu

From: 517.50403.00

Kandra Foods - One of the leading Suppliers of Veg Fryums

Kandra Foods is one of the pioneering suppliers of vegetarian fryums to different parts of India. Be it a home cook or a chef of a renowned restaurant you can find our products everywhere. There is a huge collection of veg fryums, where each of them is composed of high standard material, comes in hygienic packaging and is prepared by maintaining all stringent safety protocols. If you have any occasion or marriage ceremony where you want Veg Fryums in bulk, you can rely on Kandra Foods. We always deliver each of our products at the mentioned time. All you have to do is just shop for veg fryums from Kandra Foods, get it delivered to your doorstep, fry or roast it, and serve them hot!


Veg Fryums- A healthy Alternative for Snacking time

Are you looking for a healthy snack alternative that will not enhance much of the calories, yet satiate your leptin hormones? Well, the only option you can have is veg fryums from Kandra Foods. These are one of the best traditional, authentic, conventional, and light snacks. They are equivalent in taste to potato chips but do not include much oil like the latter. The exclusive range of Veg Fryums is also available at wholesale prices for those who want to purchase it in massive quantities. We strictly adhere to the quality of the product by not adding any extra additives or preservatives. So why munch on the same snack options every evening when you can have varieties of interesting things just at your fingertips? Buy your pack of Veg Fryums online from Kandra Foods and relish its taste. 

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