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Andhra Pradesh is most famous for its variety of sweets and snacks. In Andhra, most of the snacks are prepared from homemade spices that are healthy and pure. Most of the famous Andhra snacks are served with tea and they are found in every house of Andhra Pradesh. Some of these snacks are used as food starters as they taste well and set up a perfect starting. In Andhra snacks are seasonal and that is why you will find the best snacks for a particular season, for the rainy season they have crunchy snacks.

Common Ingredients of Andhra Snacks 

Although various types of snacks available in Andhra and each of them is prepared differently, all of them have certain common ingredients. These ingredients are a must for any type of snack being prepared in Andhra. Most of the famous Andhra snacks contains these ingredients:

Gram Flour/Rice Flour

This is the most common ingredient of all types of snacks prepared in Andhra. Gram flour/Rice Flour is used to give a crunchy taste to snacks and makes them look spicy. The flour forms the outer coating and it is used in varied quantities as per the requirement in the particular snacks.

  1. Garam Masala

    Garam Masala is a master of all the spices and is prepared by mixing various types of spices. It contains a blend of various ground spices found in various parts of the country. Garam Masala gives a spicy taste to any snack and it’s added in a limited quantity to give a slight taste of it in the snacks.

  2. Other Spices

    Apart from these some common spices are there which are added as per taste in snacks. These spices include red chili, tamarind, salt, green coriander powder, etc. These spices are readily available and they give the ultimate taste to our snack.


Andhra’s Famous Snacks 

So, when these common ingredients are mixed with certain specific ingredients we get a variety of snacks. Most famous Andhra snacks are prepared at home as they are quite easy to make, and the ingredients required are easily available at every home. Here is a list of famous Andhra Snacks


1. Paalakaayalu

This famous snack of Andhra is very easy to prepare and tastes very delicious. It looks like round small balls and is crunchy in taste. It is mainly prepared rice flour, coconut, and some common spices. Paalakaayalu is mainly served with tea in almost every part of Andhra. This famous snack of Andhra is mostly prepared on the eve of janmashtami. Apart from kids, it is much liked by adults of all age groups and it is always served to guests.

2. Chakodi

Chakodi is another famous snack of Andhra and which is hot and crunchy. Chakodi is made on various occasions in Andhra but especially on Diwali and Dussehra. It is mainly prepared with Rice flour, moong dal, common spices, cumin seed, etc. In Andhra, it is believed that Lord Krishna liked food made up of rice hence this famous snack of Andhra is also prepared on janmashtami.

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3. Jantikalu

 Jantikalu is the most famous Andhra snack and it is also a common man’s snack in Andhra. Jantikalu is not festival specific and it is best suitable for various parties, picnics, and other events. It is the first choice of most of the peoples of Andhra Pradesh. It is mainly prepared with rice flour, roasted dry gram, ghee, cumin seeds, and some other common ingredients. The crunchy and rich taste of Jantikalu is liked by everyone in Andhra and it has become a daily use snack for them.

4. Mirapakaya Bajji

 Mirapakaya Bajji also known as Mirchi Bajji is also one of the most famous Andhra snacks. As from its name it is quite clear its major ingredient being green chili which has a coating of gram powder and contains several other ingredients like tamarind pulp, common spices, and chat masala. Mirapakaya Bajji is mostly served with various kinds of chutney like coconut chutney, peanut chutney, etc. They are one of the spiciest snacks of Andhra and are liked by everyone.

5. Medu Vada

Medu Vada is a crispy, fluffy, and awesome vada usually served with sambhar. Apart from Andhra Pradesh Medu vada is quite famous in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. These are having doughnuts in shape and made mainly with urad dal. Medu vada is one of most favorite snacks of the south as it fulfills the requirement of breakfast and it’s great to start your day with Medu Vada.

6. Punugulu 

This famous Andhra snack is street food and is available everywhere in Andhra Pradesh. It is much liked by people because of its delicious and unique taste. Most people use to have Punugulu along with 

tea or coffee as it perfectly fits with them. It is also made with rice flour, urad dal, and other common spices. It is mainly served with peanut chutney or coconut chutney. The spices that are added to it make it different from other similar kinds of snacks.

7. Alasanda Vada 

Alasanda also known as Lobia Vada, is also one of the healthiest foods of Andhra because of low fat and high protein and fiber. Alasanda vada is a crispy snack made mostly on the eve of Makar Sankranti in Andhra Pradesh. The special thing about Alasanda vada is that it can be served with veg and non-veg both. It can be served with Chicken curry and Coconut chutney. It is made with rice flour, black-eyed peas, cumin seeds, onion, and certain other common ingredients.

8. Uppindi 

Uppindi is the most common snack of Andhra and is quite famous in the entire state. It is a traditional Upma made mainly with rice rava and moong dal. It is considered a healthy breakfast because of its rich ingredients. This is mostly taken with any kind of pickle to improve its overall taste.

9. Spicy Masala                   Peanuts

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10. Kommu Muruku

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11. Maramaralu                      Undalu

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12. Ragi Muruku

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So, these are the most famous Andhra snacks which are much liked by the people of Andhra Pradesh. People coming from other parts of India also like these snacks much because they are much delicious. Some of the snacks are very healthy and people use to have them regularly.  They are easily prepared at home and usually taken in breakfast to start the day with good taste. 

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