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Buy Chemical Free and Healthy Cold-Pressed Oils at Best Price

Cold-pressed oil from Kandra Foods is unrefined and unclenched oil, including the fresh aroma of the respective nuts or seeds. Cold-Pressed oils are extracted by pressing the dried seeds or nuts and then by filtering the resultant oil. There is enough proof that these oils contain a high amount of nutrients, beneficial not only for dietary and cooking purposes but also for the hair and skin. As it is one of the healthiest versions, you can also massage your baby with these pure oils. Get Cold-Pressed Oils at wholesale prices from Kandra Foods as it has a longer shelf life when stored in proper condition. 


Cold Pressed Oil

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

From: 750.00570.00

Cold Pressed Cooking Oil

Cold Pressed Peanut Oil

From: 750.00450.00

Cold Pressed Cooking Oil

Cold Pressed Sesame Seed oil

From: 700.00480.00

Cold Pressed Cooking Oil

Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil

From: 650.00470.00
From: 750.00570.00

Buy it Online and Enjoy the Health Benefits of Cold-Pressed Oil 

Cold-Pressed Oils come with numerous health benefits. The fatty acids present in these oils play a significant role in body fat reduction. It contains highly saturated fats that will improve the bad cholesterol and enhance the liquid profiles. Additionally, these oils are also a good source of polyunsaturated fatty acids. We at Kandra Foods deliver the high standard Cold-Pressed Oil at reasonable prices, which you can directly buy online. Shop Cold-Pressed Oils of Kandra Foods to maintain a healthy lifestyle with unfiltered, pure, and chemical-free products. 


Reasons why Cold-Pressed Oil is the First Preference of the People

There are numerous reasons for people switching over to Cold-Pressed Oils from refined oils. The oils contain natural antioxidants that protect individuals in preventing cancer, heart diseases, and other diseases. If you are already impressed with the health benefits and qualities, Order Cold-Pressed Oil from Kandra Foods with bursting offers and savings. You can also grab the best deals for the family packages. We have a collection of different varieties of Cold-Pressed Oils with their exclusive flavors. You can use them to improve your diet, health as well as enhance the recipes. Whether you are using our coconut, sesame, sunflower, olive, peanut, or mustard Cold-Pressed Oils, use a little in roasting potatoes, marinating the prawns or chicken, or in salad dressing.


Kandra Foods-The Best Source for Purchasing the Cold-Pressed Oils Online

You can buy Cold-Pressed Oil from the online store of Kandra Foods, and we will deliver the products with care right at your doorstep. Multiple payment options are exceptionally secured. We know that oil is one of the most vital daily consumable items, so we always try to deliver them on time!

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