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Cold Pressed Oil in Pune-A Promise of Purity

All the cold-pressed products from Kandra Foods are squeezed from the high-standard seeds and nuts, procured directly from the farmers. You can order different varieties of cold-pressed oil in Pune from Kandra foods like sunflower, sesame, mustard, olive, and groundnut, etc. The low amount of heat application in the cold-pressing process of these oils assists in preserving the rich flavor and the nutrients they offer. All our products are obtained through natural pressing methods with no refining solutions. You can be assured about us not breaking the organic chain from the farms to your kitchen!


Cold Pressed Oil in Pune

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil In Pune

From: 750.00570.00

Cold Pressed Oil in Pune

Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil In Pune

From: 550.00520.00

Cold Pressed Oil in Pune

Cold Pressed Peanut Oil In Pune

From: 750.00450.00

Cold Pressed Oil in Pune

Cold Pressed Sesame Seed oil In Pune

From: 650.00480.00

Cold Pressed Oil in Pune

Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil In Pune

From: 700.00470.00

Ways to Use the cold-pressed Oil in Your Everyday Cooking

The purest and the natural cold-pressed oils include an extravagant color and flavor that makes it one of the best ingredients for cooking. Due to no preservatives or additives, it is also perfect to go with any meals and salad dressings. So if you want to take the benefits of these outstanding products, buy cold-pressed Oil in Pune from Kandra Foods.


The Process of Cold-pressing oil

The best and premium quality seeds and nuts get hand-picked for the cold-pressing process. They are only single pressed for the enhanced nutrition and flavor. These oils are then filtered through the natural and traditional filtration method with no presence of chemicals. It retains all the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to include great health benefits. 


Cold-Pressed Oil to Lead a Healthy Life

The best Cold-Pressed Oils are trans-fatty acid and cholesterol-free products that also include antioxidants and plant sterols. These benefits make them an ideal selection for deep frying and everyday cooking. Some of them, like cold-pressed coconut oil, contain Vitamin K and E, MCTs, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. These make them ideal for skincare, hair care, and oil pulling.


Reasons to Buy the Cold-Pressed Oil in Pune from Kandra Foods

Kandra Foods is one of the most reputed manufacturing companies of Cold Pressed Oil in Pune that deliver quality products at a pocket-friendly price. We continuously strive to offer only high-grade products to our customers. Our vision is to provide pure and fresh oil to every customer to lead a happy and healthy life!

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