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Switch to the Best Cold–Pressed Oil in Chennai

Have you ever given a thought about how we are slowly making our entire body susceptible to different illnesses due to the usage of refined oils? Are refined oils beneficial for our health, as seen on TV and newspaper advertisements? The answer to this is no. The refining process exposes the oils to high temperatures, including bleaching particles like hexane deodorizers. The hydrogenation of the refined oil leads to trans fatty acid formation, responsible for different heart problems. The only solution to preserve your health from these products is to switch to the best Cold-Pressed Oil in Chennai from Kandra Foods.


Cold Pressed Oil in Chennai

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil In Chennai

From: 750.00570.00

Cold Pressed Oil in Chennai

Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil In Chennai

From: 550.00520.00

Cold Pressed Oil in Chennai

Cold Pressed Peanut Oil In Chennai

From: 750.00450.00

Cold Pressed Oil in Chennai

Cold Pressed Sesame Bathing Oil In Chennai

From: 250.00231.00

Cold Pressed Oil in Chennai

Cold Pressed Sesame Seed oil In Chennai

From: 700.00480.00

Cold Pressed Oil in Chennai

Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil In Chennai

From: 700.00470.00

Lead a Healthy and Happy Life with Cold-pressed Oils in Chennai

Cold-pressed oils get extracted through much healthier processes. The oils get procured at a temperature lower than 35 degrees Celsius, maintaining all their natural qualities. Once the oil settles above, it is filtered and packed in a bottle. People are more inclined to buy Cold-Pressed Oil in Chennai due to the high Omega 3 and 6 content. All the Cold-pressed oils from Kandra Foods never lose any naturally occurring nutrients and are completely devoid of unnecessary saturated and trans fats.


Go For Convenient ways of Buying Cold-pressed oils

We at Kandra Foods produce and sell cold-pressed oil in Chennai with outstanding quality and no adulteration of the product to our customers. All the minerals and vitamins are retained in this extraction process as there is no heating application. Furthermore, there is no presence of any Paraffin, argemone oils, or any chemical that will tamper with the purity of the product. So get access to pure, unrefined, and unadulterated oil, order Cold-Pressed Oil, and get it delivered in Chennai from KandraFoods. You can get sesame, coconut, groundnut, olive, and mustard Cold-Pressed Oils at a pocket-friendly price.


Get back to your Roots with Cold-pressed Oils

People prefer to purchase Cold-Pressed Oil in Chennai through online shopping due to extensive alternatives and the surety of getting a pure and certified product from Kandra Foods. These oils are a hot favorite among customers due to the organic and healthy nature. Today people have become more health-conscious and are thus switching to cold-pressed oils to enhance the power of the immunity system. Kandra Foods also give special discounts and offers to the customers interested in buying Cold-Pressed Oil in Chennai at the wholesale price.

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