Are Indian Pickles Good For Health?


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Pickle is one of the essential components of Indian meals. People in India use to have pickles in their every meal as it completes their dining requirement. Pickles are used in almost every part of India in different forms. Although pickles are part of our day-to-day life, there is always a common question, are Indian pickles good for health and the answer to this question is always a big yes. Pickles are always good for health because of their rich benefits.

Preparation methods of Indian pickles

Pickling is in use for years and it is the best way to preserve food for a long duration. In earlier times pickling was used to preserve foods that were limited in quantity and those which were seasonal i.e. vegetables and fruits which are available in a particular season. This method of pickling continued till today and people have made it an important part of their meal. The major ingredients of Indian pickles are raw vegetables, unripe fruits, oils, and various Indian spices. Nowadays there are mainly two methods used to make pickles which are discussed below :

Pickles made by Fermentation

This is the most popular and old way to make pickles. In this method, the unripe fruits or vegetables are kept in highly concentrated saltwater. The bacteria which are present in vegetables are salt resistant and they help to convert the sugar into lactic acid. Sometimes instead of saltwater, vinegar is also added as it also performs the same reaction with vegetables and makes the pickle develop a sour taste.

Pickles made without Fermentation 

When it is required to prepare pickles quickly this method is used and it is quite effective. In this method, saltwater or vinegar is heated up properly and then added to the vegetables or unripe fruits and they attain the sour taste quickly.

Apart from India, several other countries make good quality pickles and some of them also prepare non-veg pickles. Even in India at some places, non-veg pickles are made. Some of the most famous pickles used in India are – Mango pickles, Gooseberry pickles, Lemon pickles, etc. and vegetable pickles usually Carrot pickles, ginger pickles, garlic pickles, onion pickles are famous. Nowadays pickles are made by combining two or more vegetables or unripe fruits to give them a unique taste.

Health benefits of Indian Pickles

Pickles have a variety of health benefits and this is the reason you will find the pickle in every house of India. Pickles are rich in nutrients and they provide necessary vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants required by our body. As the food we eat may not provide us a sufficient amount of nutrients and pickles are a good source to fulfill any kind of deficiencies created inside the body. Now to answer the question in deep, are Indian pickles good for health here are some of their major benefits :

1. Controls blood sugar level 

As most of the pickles contain a good amount of vinegar, they are a great source of controlling blood sugar levels. The Vinegar present in pickle increases the response of the body towards insulin and drastically reduces the blood sugar levels.

2. Helps to maintain good immunity 

Pickles help us maintain good immunity and fight various kinds of diseases.  They also found it effective in fighting cancer and various heart diseases. Their anti-inflammatory property fights against various types of bacteria and harmful germs. 

3. Antioxidant property 

Indian pickles have a great antioxidant property that protects our body from the attack of free radicals. These free radicals are much dangerous for our body because they can mix with DNA and disturb its functionality to a great extent. The type of nutrients, raw and unripe fruits used to make Indian pickles gives it a good antioxidant property.

4. They contain rich nutrients 

Indian pickles the source of a variety of nutrients like carbohydrates, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and much more. Pickles are also a good source of a lot of vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, etc. 

5. Helps in Digestion and weight loss 

Indian pickles boost the digestion process by helping in the growth of healthy bacteria in our body. Although our body produces probiotic bacteria that help in digestion but due to unhealthy lifestyles and improper diets they are greatly affected. Pickles help to overcome the deficiencies of these bacteria and improves digestion. Apart from digestion Indian pickles are also proved to help in weight loss. As they contain various ingredients they help to reduce the excess fat present inside the body and convert that fat into energy.

Indian Pickles are  part of our meal and people give them much importance because of their variety of health benefits. it’s rich in nutrients and fulfills various types of deficiencies in our body. So if your concern is about whether Indian pickles are good for health then you should look at teir major health benefits and then decide for yourself. By looking at the above mentioned benefits it is quite clear that having Indian pickle in our meals is quite good for our health.

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