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Organic, Genuine, and Healthy Masala Powders

Kandra Foods only believes in delivering organic and healthy produced spices to their entire customers. All our products are heat-sealed in foil-lined, eco-friendly, and resealable packets that will keep the powder fresh for a longer duration. You can buy the tasty Healthy Masala Powders online from Kandra Foods as they are fully vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, organic, gluten-free, and wheat-free. If you are looking for a reliable website where you can do the shopping for Healthy Masala Powders, Kandra Foods is the correct platform. Our products do not include any additives like acids, preservatives, sugar, or colorants. 


Healthy Masala Powders

Coriander Powder

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Andhra Masala Powders

Flax Seeds Powder

From: 200.00170.00

Healthy Masala Powders

Puliyogare Powder

From: 150.00146.00

Andhra Masala Powders

Red Chilli Powder

From: 314.55245.00

Healthy Masala Powders

Roasted Avala Pudi

From: 165.00159.01

Healthy Masala Powders

Roasted Cumin Seeds Powder

From: 292.50228.00

Healthy Masala Powders

Roasted Mustard Powder

From: 165.00159.01

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Vellulli Karam Pachadi

From: 225.00190.00

The finest Healthy Masala Powders for a better world

All the spices used in the Healthy Masala Powders are some of the finest blends sourced from the farms directly without adding any chemicals. The aromatic blend of the Healthy Masala Powders is also reasonably priced so that everyone can use it in their cuisine. Kandra Foods only sell healthy food products and spices and believe in the maintenance of the nutritional value as much as possible. 


Recipes to use the Aromatic and Healthy Masala Powders

You can use Healthy Masala Powders in bulk cooking or a small amount according to your requirement in various dishes like couscous, rice, beans, vegetables, and curries. It tastes like heaven when combined with cabbage, eggplant, lentils, potatoes, squash, chicken, lamb, and pulao rice. Other popular recipes where you can sprinkle any collection of Healthy Masala Powders include Khichdi, Sweet chickpea soup, grilled zucchini, and Tortilla soup.


Benefits of using Healthy Masala Powders in your daily diet

Healthy Masala powders from Kandra Foods give an enhanced digestive system, enhance absorption, and remove all the harmful toxins from the body. All the spices consist of high concentration essential oil that gives them intense flavor and aroma. The people suffering from the indigestion problem purchase our collection of Healthy Masala Powders in bulk at wholesale prices to stop using any artificially colored and full of chemical product. The spices are rich in minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins. 


Get your Hands on Healthy Masala Powders for the Overall Well Being

Kandra Foods brings you only the high-standard healthy ingredients and spices. We make sure that the product is uncompromised and reach your doorstep safely with no tampering. Thus add to cart any of your Healthy Masala Powder and enjoy the rich and natural taste of the spices.

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