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Are you looking for variations of the best south Indian snacks to add to your daily breakfast or tea time? Well, then you have landed yourself to the correct write-up, as snack time is something that we always look forward to. 

There is nothing like enjoying a spicy, crispy, flavorful, and cheesy savory snack. If it is homemade and healthy, then there is nothing better like it. A person who likes traditional south Indian snacks knows that there are already various regional recipes that will make snack time your favorite moment of the day. 

South Indian recipes are various diverse dishes from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Telangana, and Karnataka. You can try some famous south Indian snacks like fried banana chips, murukku, different idli, vada, dosa variations. People of South India play with various types of spices and batter to create whatever snacks they like. If all these talks about snacks have already made you hungry, it is the best time to munch on your snacks and know the names of 10 all-time favorite south Indian refreshments. We have listed them below.


  • Murukku

Murukku is a famous south Indian snack that is popular in almost every household there. It is spicy and crunchy to taste, a perfect snack that you can munch on when there are hunger pangs. The name is derived from the Tamilian word, which means twisted as they are spiral. You can make them from urad dal and rice flour. After this, mix the flour with chili powder, sesame seeds, asafetida, and salt. With the help of water, a stiff dough is formed. It is then shaped spiral by hand or through a murukku mold. Finally, deep fry the murukkus in the hot oil.

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  • Upperi or Banana Chips

Banana chips or Upperi is a popular South Indian snack made by deep-frying thin slices of unripe banana in coconut oil. The chips get their flavor from the salted water while frying in the oil. It is a specialty snack of Kerala which is available in the festival of Onam with ease. Upperi takes the central place in the sadya of this festival which is nothing but a vegetarian buffet.

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  • Kara or Ribbon Sev

Kara Sev is a popular teatime and breakfast snack and made from chickpea flour or besan, spices like cumin or red chili powder, rice flour, and salt. Add water to make a thick dough and pass through the large ladle holes into the hot oil for frying. Here it is fried till it becomes crispy and puffed. There are various variations of sev in India. 

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  • Thattai

Thattai is primarily made at the festival of Krishna Jayanti or Diwali and can be either savory or sweet. Rice flo ur, red chili powder, salt, water, and asafetida are the chief ingredients of Thattai. The dough is then patted on a flat disk and covered with a dry clean cloth with fingers greased with ghee or oil. The batter is deep-fried into the hot oil. You can have this scrumptious snack with tea in the evening.

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  • Madras Mixture

Madras mixture is a combination of different delectable treats which is popularly known as Micchar. It often consists of boondi, roasted peanuts and chana dal, kara sev, ompodi, cashews, flattened rice flakes, and almonds. This is popularly used in house parties or gifts during Diwali. You can also use it as an all-year-round snack for tea time. It is one of the most common snacks in South India. 

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  • Chegodilu

Chegodilu is a tasty and easy to cook deep-fried snack made with dry spices and rice flour. It is one of the most famous snacks of Andhra Pradesh. Chegodilu has a similar resemblance to the popular snack of Karnataka named Kodubale. It is one of the tastiest and healthy recipes which people commonly consume in breakfast.

  • Dalmudi

Dalmudi is a quick and easy recipe that is made with whole masoor dal or red lentil. This is a peppery and spicy snack that is loved by everyone, especially the children. You can store this evening snack for days in an airtight container and can take it to your office or give it to your children in their tiffin. It also includes salt and some spices to make it more enchanting.

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  • Diamond-Cut Biscuits

Spicy diamond-cut biscuit is one of the most additive savory snacks of south India. This maida or flour biscuit is one of the best kid-approved snacks which is also suitable for elder family members. These biscuits got their name due to the diamond shape they are cut into and are a common snack during the Diwali festival. There are only a handful of ingredients like salt, carom seeds, red chili powder, and oil to fry to make these biscuits.

  • Jackfruit Chips
  • Jackfruit chips are made from unripe and fully matured jackfruit and are one of the most famous snacks in Kerala. This crunchy, crispy, and yummy snack is sweet, and you can store it for more than one month. Mostly these chips are deep-fried with pure coconut oil to keep them crusty and crisp texture.

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    • Kaju Pakodi

    Kaju Pakodi or cashew nut fritters is another popular South Indian snack you can munch on. The primary ingredients of garlic and ginger paste, pudina leaves, and fennel seeds add a different level of zing to the pakodis. These are one of the best crunchy and spicy pieces of heaven.  These fritters taste amazing with a hot cup of tea on a cool or rainy evening.


    • Palli Pakodi

    Do you like fried and spicy snacks more than dry ones? Well then you will relish every bit of Palli pakodi and it is one of the most exciting snacks that you can savor. This delicious South Indian snack is made from groundnut, green chili, gram flour, and garlic. It also includes a coating of curry leaves and aromatic spices. It goes excellent with coffee, tea, or any hot beverage.


    So these are the top 10 traditional south Indian snacks to indulge. Some of these recipes might need little time, while you can prepare others within minutes. Combine these yummy treats with the spicy dips and chutneys of your choice, and they will be an instant hit!

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