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Include Outstanding Masala pickles in your Daily Meal

Masala pickles in any form are a pure delicacy. It serves as the best side dish with any preparation like upma, chapati, curd rice, or roti. Like every other pickle we make, our collection of masala pickles are 100% homemade with the best quality ingredients and spices. Buy Masala pickles online in bulk from Kandra Foods and get them to your doorstep at wholesale prices. Love the essence and taste of the best Masala pickles made of several Masala ingredients.

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Andhra Pickle

Vellulli Uragaya

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Why are Masala Pickles Beneficial for Your Health?

Fermentation is one of the best ways to make your food healthy with the necessary natural probiotic content or healthy bacteria developing inside it. People who eat fermented food can easily fight the viruses and also assists them in recovering from the gut imbalances like candida. Order Masala pickles and fight against the free radicals and rebuild the electrolytes after a vigorous workout. Masala pickles are also a sure shot cure for the hangover and restore all the digestive enzymes that will assist you to absorb all the nutrients present in the food. 


Why buy Masala Pickles from Kandra Foods?

Nowadays, people are struggling to cook three meals every day in their hectic schedules. Thus they do not have the required time to make pickles at home, like our mother or grandmother. But are you fond of eating masala pickles? Well, we can hear your loud YES! So the best solution to this problem is to do Masala pickles shopping from Kandra Foods, who are the experts in this genre. Whatever category of diet you follow, like Lacto vegetarian, pollotarian, flexitarian, vegan, ovo-vegetarian, or pescatarian, Kandra Foods is here to satiate all your demands for the best Masala pickles. 


How to Order the Masala pickles in bulk?

The pocket-friendly Masala pickles price compels the people living in the cities to order them from us. You have to select the Masala pickle from our collection, pick the quantity, and place your order for Masala pickles. We will deliver your package with care and love directly to your doorstep within a few days. Our masala pickles come with a divine taste that goes well with any dish-be it vegetarian, meat, or fish. It will make an excellent dip for your fast foods like bread, sandwiches, and French fries also!

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